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It covers core such as – Attitude development, Overview of Personality, Personality Analysis Concepts, Management Process, Roles, Behaviour & Skills, Managerial Leadership, Organizational Development, Email and Business Etiquette, Effective Communication Skills, Job interview etc.. Nature of Perspective Management, practices and techniques, both in a technical perspective and both the necessary perspective to influence change and to maintain improvement.

Therefore, personality development is a necessity. You should definitely develop or reorganize it. It helps you stand out from the crowd and it is a very impressive achievement. In this personal development course, we will serve all those things which are necessary for the development and leadership of people’s personality.

So Just enroll in, do the course, learn the tools and technique, and within a very short period of time, you will become an effective communicator or Leader which will help you in your every aspect of life path.

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Enrolled: 93 students
Duration: 6 Week
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Video: 50+ Hours
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